my poem life


it is a road map

it is golden and brown

it leads me to Heaven

where I see myself as Edvann


poetry and story inn fridays week 13, short story slam week 83

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   signs, signs
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someone got married today,
February 10, 2018,
Sifan zhang and melinda mao,
carson james and jane garland,
jennifer noell and austin mitchell,
j. d. henneberry and audrey harris,
phillip noell and sophia bollag,
alissa schapiro and scott pippen,
camille benredjicek and frank huang,
fan min and li xuan,
he guoping and chen youzhi,
ma bing and liu ai e
tang gangqing and xu bo
peng chuanhui and kong yilong,
yan rong and hu guoliang,
zhao xin and feng shui e
hu huasheng and hu huijiao
lee fan and peng yao
liu shihe and peng chuanzhen
wang min and peng chuanxian
feng qun e and wu hongping
he jinyuan and zhou huiju
qian yu and lu xiaohua
fu zhixiong ang tu jun
molly shi and david boren
peng chuanbing and liao guizhi
chad laskas and michelle manser
gong lixin and tan yingcong
peter and susan
sarah and todd
donald trump and barack obama joined the wedding
all cheers