short story slam week 115



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happy summer!
we are about to enjoy a beautiful may and june
while we write,
we travel,
we laugh…etc.
lucie Silvas,
Larry Page,
Annapolis Montuwa
Sarah Thorrick
powerful focus
no wonder about why she enjoys living?
no question about what she does to survive,
but a good commend on how she attracts our attention?
just a abstract thoughts here

world peace year 8, 2019 <—2012, pppweek 49, short story slam week 114


check out these, we promote world peace
year 8, may of 2019,  Sasha James Maxium bost Philpark
year 7, may of 2018, stephan peter carl victor hudson
year 6, may of 2017, stephan peter carl victor hudson
year 5, may of 2016, michelle ivana yunaska theilfing obama
year 4, may of 2015, larry hasty wendy stanley wojcicki
year 3, may of 2014, jingle poetry @olive garden administrative,  Venetian Peng
year 2, may of 2013, Larry Hasty Wendy Stanley wojcicki
year 1, may of 2012, Taylor kong Boomer,  Jingle yan

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donald trump jr., ivanka trump, eric trump, donald trump , they support world peace

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ivanka trump and jared kushner, they are leading figures who support usa boarders

Image result for peace quotation in melania trump       melania trump and barron trump, they promote poetry

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Image result for world peace   Vanessa and Alison love poetry and peace

Image result for barack obama and michael pence  ask paul ryan why he choose usa?

Apple, new kirk

Apple , Kingfisher

Apple,  san Rose

Steven Jobs,  Pakistan

Steven Chen, New York,

Jean Hamington, North Korea

Charles Li,  Maryland

people gather and speak

they laugh and dine

they enjoy poetry,

the way they respect “peace”

poetry and stoy inn fridays week 44

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Memorabilia” by Australian poet Peter Rose: ditties, slash, stuff, hotel, boxfuls, edition, purblind, borrow, sheet, bookshop, doves, friend


ditties and slashing words

they flash on cool stuff

a hotel room casts wonder

a boxfuls of tissue can help

first edition and latest purblinds

a borrowed broom on flying kites

a witch is spotted

a sheet of plain paper adds weight ro bookshops

what a dove friend in peace making long march

short story slam week 114,

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Shen Dan Kuaile means Merry Christmas, in other words, Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ
I say, Happy Birthday , Sheng,  may 22, 1993 –2019,  the 26th one is Cheery Furry Cool!

Image result for amelia bedelia amelia bedelia is a cute book for kids

Image result for jennifer wilson poetry  jennifer wilson, a plain and thoughtful poetry book

Image result for jingle yan  Jingle Yan, a good book of poetry and short story



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melania trump and stephan trump   melania trump and william trump

yan simei


at Changsha city, Hunan province

we have friends who are popular in Chayanshan bubble tea

we discover poems by zedong mao and dequn feng

back at Washington D. C., Columbia district,

we see lots of Computer mouse clicks,

barron, ying liu, donald trump, larry page, charlis cimic, gary soto,

poems win a place in our heart

poetry and story inn fridays week 42, academic excellence, humor week 18, poetry form week 14


I envy the tomcat:

How easily he lets go of

Love’s pain and longing


The child cries at her breast.

And the mosquito also bites

The sleeping mother


With ink-stained lips,

The boy leaves his poem

For the cool outdoors

Jayslee Moon

under  green-coated frog eyes

the lily pad remains afloat in Yun canal

life’s distance and atwoods tiles

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Image result for linda neal  Elllen Troxclair

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integrity and courage

they work wonders

no doubt for your frank words

yet do respect your original homes

humor week 18, poetry form week 14, short story slam week 112, blogging from a to z

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  F is for   Fancy Mall

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Kobayashi Issa

Alone among the shady bushes

A girl is singing

A rice planter’s song

Masaoka Shiki

A river in summer

There’s a bridge here, but

My horse prefers water

Utopinia Embassy 

tracing a footsteps from Ashe

hear a husk howl

a rainforest’s melody

Emory Tennessee

a road to the Florence square

the iron tower from Paris bends, yet

my foot carries bubbles